Tropical Shrubs

Tropical gardening and landscaping is not really any different than other types of gardening. Tropical plants still require the same basic needs for healthy growth such as water, soil and fertilization. With tropical gardening you really don’t have to worry about over-wintering plants since this zone is 9-11 and is considered perfect for growing tropicals where temperatures are usually warm, humid with plenty moisture and no threat of freezing temperatures. If you live outside tropical – semi tropical zones like many of us do you can still grow and enjoy these beautiful and exotic plants outdoors and indoors with protection from direct sun on some varieties giving them dappled to indirect lighting as well as protection. Bring them indoors, cover them or add mulching to keep the soil warmer.

Experience the world of tropical plants. We have put forth great effort to present a unique collection of tropicals noted for their flowering, fragrance, foliage and beauty such as hibiscus, colocasia, gardenias, ferns and so much more. Rewarding all gardeners from the youngest to oldest, from the novice to professional-collector. We are positive you will be pleased with our collection and what we have to offer. We continue to search out new discoveries and add know varieties to our collection for you our customers.

All are rooted plants in 4″ containers

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